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Flexible space for freelancers and companies in motion, Campus represents the opportunity to belong to a community of skilled professionals – from various fields of activity – sharing a fresh and entrepreneurial vision of cohabitation. Beyond the rental aspect, there is a real philosophy of living together that Campus wants to promote.

With an exceptional address, hi-tech equipment, meeting and relaxation areas, all the necessary conditions are met for a true plug and play experience. But our most important quest remains that of simplicity; offering a clear and fluid environment, ready-made, where one can arrive and work directly.

Housed in a historic building from the 17th century, we continuously value what exists, anticipate every need to ensure the most sincere and high-quality proposition possible. Everything is made available so that you can fully devote yourself to what really matters: your business and its growth.

Together, let’s develop your activities, in complete serenity.

entrance to the Geneva courthouse
founder of Campus


Campus Founder

In October 2016, Karim-Paul Chbib sold his luxury concierge company in Dubai and decided to leverage his years of experience to serve his new concept of private offices and business domiciliation: Campus.

Responsible for client well-being and the smooth operation of the spaces, Karim-Paul Chbib acts as the sole point of contact.

Our difference is primarily human. If the opportunity to improve arises, we never hesitate. Everything is studied, compared, and implemented to ensure an atmosphere filled with positive energies.



Campus is a place that is both autonomous and collaborative, communal and private, where interactions are naturally facilitated.

Financially accessible, open, and transparent, we develop direct and sincere relationships with our clients.

At the heart of the most remarkable performances, serenity and pleasure always play a crucial role. Hence, the choice of work environment is all the more important. Aware that the successes of tomorrow are built today, Campus develops turnkey, comprehensive, and personalized solutions.

Thus, we work, day after day, to build harmonious environments.

The achievement of each individual is our goal, in a collegial atmosphere.

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Within a renowned building, we value what exists, anticipate your needs to ensure financially accessible flex offices with high added value.

Fully furnished offices, business lounges, collaborative spaces, relaxation lounge, professional Wifi; we provide everything you need so you can fully focus on what matters: your business and its growth.